Features of pneumatic submersible mixer

The submersible mixer is mainly used for mixing, stirring and circulation in the municipal and industrial sewage treatment process, and can also be used for the maintenance of the landscape water environment. The rotating movement of the impeller achieves the effect of creating water flow, improving the water quality, increasing the oxygen content in the water, and effectively preventing The deposition of suspended solids. However, the fixing of most submersible mixers and pneumatic pipes is not very stable when in use, and the fixing is not very strong.

Therefore, in order to solve this problem, a new type of pneumatic submersible mixer was developed. This pneumatic submersible mixer has the following characteristics:

1. The pneumatic submersible mixer can ensure the fixation of the reducer and the air motor through the fixed casing and the fixed plate, and prevent the reducer and the air motor from falling and damage during use. The pneumatic pipeline can deliver high-pressure airflow to the air motor, which is convenient for the air motor. In normal use, the boom can not only ensure the stability of the air motor, but also facilitate the removal of the air motor.

2. The pneumatic submersible mixer can ensure the stability of the pneumatic pipeline through the supporting rod and the pipeline fixing sleeve, and prevent the pneumatic pipeline from shaking and loosening during use. The throttle valve can adjust the size of the high-pressure airflow in the pneumatic pipeline, and the air pump can be a pneumatic motor. It provides high-pressure air flow, and the rubber pad can prevent the pneumatic pipe from being pinched by the pipe fixing sleeve.

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