Precautions for the use of submersible mixers

The damage of the mechanical seal of the submersible mixer generally refers to the dynamic and static ring surface wear of the mechanical seal. If the mechanical seal fails, it will directly affect the efficiency and service life of the submersible mixer. Mechanical seal is an important accessory of submersible mixing equipment.

There are many reasons for the mechanical wear of submersible mixers, but most of them are caused by improper use of users. Here are some precautions for the use of submersible mixers to avoid damage to the mechanical seal.

1. Poor water quality contains particles. Due to poor water quality, small particles and high hydrochloric acid content in the medium, forming abrasive wear confidential cover or tension surface grooves, annular grooves, etc. Treatment method: increase the water pressure or medium, and replace the mechanical seal.


2. If the installation is too tight, observe the dynamic and static ring surface of the mechanical seal, such as severe scorching, blackening of the plane and deep marks, hardening of the seal, loss of elasticity, etc. This phenomenon is caused by excessive installation. Solution: Adjust the installation height. After installing the impeller, use a screwdriver to pull the spring. The spring has a strong tension. It will be reset immediately after loosening, and a moving distance of 2-4mm can be obtained.

3. Cavitation. Cavitation mainly occurs in the thermal mixer. Since the medium is hot water, the water temperature is too high to produce steam, and the steam in the pipeline enters the high part of the equipment. This part of the steam cannot be eliminated, resulting in water shortage operation, failure of mechanical seal dry grinding, cavitation installation of automatic exhaust valve, Mechanical seal replacement.

4. Dry grinding damage caused by water shortage operations. This phenomenon is caused by negative pressure at the inlet, air in the inlet water pipe, air in the equipment, and friction of the mechanical seal after opening, resulting in high temperature, unable to cool, check the mechanical seal, normal spring tension, friction Surface burnt, rubber hardening and cracks are more common.

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