What are the functions of the submersible thruster shroud?

The submersible thruster is a piece of equipment mainly used in industrial and urban sewage treatment plants. It has the effect of mixing and mixing. It has the characteristics of compact structure, small volume and light weight.

    The installation of the submersible thruster is very simple, but because it has two types of equipment with and without a deflector, the installation is not exactly the same. You can consult the manufacturer for this specific situation.

    Today we mainly talk to you about the functions of a diving thruster with a deflector.

    The submersible thruster has the following functions after installing the deflector:

    1. After installing the deflector, the fluid velocity along the axial direction of the submersible thruster increases significantly, and the radial diffusion of the fluid is relatively small. The fluid velocity distribution on the cross section of the jet generated by the impeller of the mixer is basically symmetrical;

    2. Make the vertical section of the fluid close to the submersible thruster increase in axial velocity and decrease in radial velocity. The affected fluid has fewer particles and is more concentrated, and the service area of the thrust mixer is relatively small; As the distance of the flow device increases, the axial velocity of the fluid will decrease, and the radial velocity will also decrease accordingly, but the fluid affected by the radial direction will increase significantly, and the service area of the plug flow agitator for the fluid will gradually increase;

    3. While significantly increasing the axial jet distance of the impeller, the deflector can also reduce the reaction force of the pool wall boundary on the fluid in the pool and the impact on the submersible thruster itself, which significantly reduces the thruster and fluid. The resulting resonance and the vibration of the machine itself.


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