What is a diving aerator? What are the characteristics?

What is a diving aerator?

The submersible aerator is a mechanical equipment, mainly used for aeration and mixing of aeration tanks in some sewage treatment plants and for oxygenating and mixing sewage sludge mixtures.

The submersible aerator uses a motor to directly drive the impeller to generate centrifugal force, so that the nearby low pressure is absorbed into the current. At the same time, the impeller inlet also generates a vacuum to inhale air. In the mixing chamber, the air and water are mixed and quickly discharged by the centrifugal force.


So, what are the characteristics of the diving aerator? The details are as follows:

1. The motor is directly driven, with low noise and high efficiency.

2. The unique mixing chamber design makes the suction air volume larger, the mixing effect is good, and it has a stirring effect at the same time of aeration.

3. Use double-layer mechanical shaft seal to extend the service life of the motor.

4. 12 radiant outlets (14 outlets for high power) can produce a lot of bubbles.

5. To prevent the impeller from attaching to foreign objects, mesh at the entrance.

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