Structure and characteristics of foldable diving aerator

Folding diving aerator structure:

The structure of the folding dry chamber submersible aerator is composed of an integrated floating island type pontoon, a round table counterweight area, an inverted U-shaped connecting pipe, a high-pressure blower, an air inlet pipe, an air inlet hole, a microporous aeration head, a folding frame, and a landscape Plant composition.

Among them, the integrated floating island type pontoon is divided into three parts: upper, middle and lower parts. The upper part is a flat cylindrical stabilizing wing tube, the middle cylindrical tube is equipped with a high-pressure blower, and the lower part is a truncated cone-shaped counterweight area. The truncated cone-shaped counterweight area can be made of iron sand. The equal weight is counterweight to balance and control the height of the water surface of the aerator. The top of the integrated floating island-shaped pontoon is provided with an air inlet with a protective cover. The high-pressure blower is connected to the air inlet pipe 5 and the inverted U-shaped connecting pipe. The high-pressure blower is connected to the folding frame through the inverted U-shaped connecting pipe. The highest point is above the water surface to prevent water from being poured into the high-pressure blower during shutdown.


The working principle of the folding dry room submersible aerator is to open the power supply control system to drive the high-pressure blower to operate. The power supply control system can set the aeration and shutdown time according to the user's needs. The suction pipe sucks air and pressurizes inside the high-pressure blower to form high-pressure gas. The high-pressure gas enters the microporous aeration head on the folded pipe rack from the inverted U-shaped connecting pipe, thereby realizing multi-directional microporous aeration.

Foldable diving aerator features:

The folding dry room submersible aerator can be said to be both dry room and submersible. It can be moved. All the equipment in the dry room pontoon does not need to consider water sealing issues. It integrates the advantages of blast aeration and diving aeration. And overcome their respective shortcomings, easy installation and maintenance, long service life, low cost; using blast aeration, the effect is good, energy-saving; the horizontal aeration pipe adopts folding type, which is folded upwards during transportation and installation, and adopts folding installation. The service area is large, safe and reliable, and the failure rate is low; the upper part of the pontoon can be equipped with green plants as needed, which is beautiful and generous. The device can be widely used to improve the water quality of landscape water bodies and the aeration needs of aquaculture.

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