Introduction to the applicable and non-applicable situations of QJB submersible mixer

QJB submersible mixer is a device suitable for treating urban sewage and industrial processes that need to maintain solid and liquid two-phase or solid, liquid, and gas three-phase media uniformly mixed reaction equipment. Generally speaking, it is mainly suitable for the following situations:

1. Mixing of sewage (waste water)/activated sludge;

2. Control the separation of thickened sludge;

3. Acid and alkali neutralization and PH value adjustment process;

4. Prevent the condensation and precipitation of particles on the wall and bottom of the pool;

5. Improve the efficiency of the heat transfer system;

6. Other places where two or three phases need to be kept inseparable. The submersible mixer can operate normally and continuously under the following conditions;

Of course, although the QJB submersible mixer can work completely submerged in the water, there are also some matters needing attention in its use. For example, it cannot work in an flammable, explosive and highly corrosive environment. In addition, the following conditions cannot be used:

1. The temperature of the medium does not exceed 40°C;

2. The PH value of the medium is 5-9;

3. The density of the medium does not exceed 1150Kg/m3;

4. For long-term diving operations, the diving depth generally does not exceed 20M.

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