Why do we need aeration in sewage treatment? The role of diving aerator

In sewage treatment, we often hear the term aeration. Many users do not understand why aeration is necessary. What is the role?

First of all, let's talk about why we need aeration? This is because sewage contains cellulose, starch, sugar, fat and protein organic matter, as well as nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur and other inorganic salts and sediment impurities. These impurities are required to be treated and decomposed in sewage treatment. In the process of processing and decomposing these impurities, a large amount of oxygen will be consumed. At this time, aeration treatment is necessary, and the main equipment used in aeration treatment is a submersible aerator. So what is the specific aeration effect of the diving aerator?

Based on the above content, we can conclude that aeration refers to the process of increasing the contact area between water and air by aeration or mechanical agitation in the water. It is an intermediate process of aerobic biological treatment of wastewater. The aeration effect produced by the diving aerator has the following:

1. The basic function of aeration is to produce and maintain air (or oxygen) effectively in contact with water, and maintain a certain dissolved oxygen concentration in the water when the biological oxidation continues to consume oxygen.

2. In addition to the oxygen supply, sufficient stirring and mixing are also generated in the aeration tank area to promote the circulation of water and realize the full contact and mixing of activated sludge and wastewater.

3. Maintain a certain moving speed of the mixed liquid, so that the activated sludge always remains suspended in the mixed liquid.

After reading the above articles, do you think that aeration is actually not that great? In fact, it is not. In the process of sewage treatment, aeration plays a very important role. In fact, it is not just aeration, every link is essential in the process of sewage treatment, so we remind users not to neglect the maintenance and maintenance of every link.

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