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Custom submersible mixer

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QJB series submersible mixers and QJT series submersible thrusters are successfully developed on the basis of the introduction of the Swedish Flygt submersible motor sealing technology. After years of practice and exploration, two series of products have been formed, mixing mixing and low-speed push flow. Because of its innovations in type, structure and test methods, the overall performance of the product has reached the level of similar products.

2. Structural features

The mixing and mixing series products use multi-pole motors with direct-connected structure, low energy consumption and high efficiency; the impeller is precision-cast or stamped, with high precision, large thrust, beautiful and smooth appearance, and compact structure.

Low-speed push-flow series products adopt cycloid pinwheel reducer, equipped with low power, low speed, large impeller diameter, and wide service area. The impeller is made of polyurethane material and aluminum alloy. It has high strength and strong corrosion resistance. In addition to the function of stirring, it also has the function of pushing and creating water flow.

The motor winding of the submersible mixer is F grade insulation, and the protection grade is IP68. Used in conjunction with the aeration system of the sewage plant, the energy consumption of the system can be greatly reduced, and the oxygenation capacity can be significantly increased, which can prevent precipitation. According to process requirements, direct-connected submersible mixing can be equipped with a deflector. QJB type submersible mixer QJT low-speed push-flow series mixer

Mixing and mixing series submersible mixers are suitable for all kinds of water treatment

Processes and industrial processes need to maintain a place where solid and liquid two-phase or solid, liquid, and gas three-phase media are uniformly mixed and reacted. QJB(T) type submersible mixer

■Sewage (wastewater)/activated sludge mixing

■Control the separation of thickened sludge

■ Acid and alkali neutralization and pH adjustment process

■Prevent condensation and precipitation of particles on the wall and bottom of the pool

■Improve the efficiency of the heat transfer system

■Other places that need to keep two-phase or three-phase inseparable The submersible mixer can operate normally and continuously under the following conditions

◎The temperature of the medium does not exceed 40℃;

◎The PH value of the medium is 5-9;

◎The density of the medium does not exceed 1150Kg/m3;

◎Long-term diving operation, the diving depth generally does not exceed 20M. warn!

The submersible mixer must be submerged to work in the water, and cannot work in an flammable, explosive and highly corrosive environment!

Precautions for selection

In order to ensure that the submersible mixer achieves better operating results, the user is requested to provide the following information;

◎ Purpose of use;

◎Pool type and size, including water depth;

◎The characteristics of the stirring medium, including viscosity, density, temperature, and solid content, etc.

install the system

The special installation system of the submersible mixer can quickly install and disassemble the submersible mixer without draining the sewage in the pool.

It is recommended to use installation system I when the pool depth H is less than 4 meters. The diving depth of the submersible mixer can be adjusted in the vertical direction as required, and the maximum angle that can be rotated around the guide rod in the horizontal plane is ±60°. The base of the lifting system, the support frame and the lower bracket and the relevant connection surface of the pool are all made of expansion bolts Fixed, no need to reserve holes.

It is recommended to use installation system II when the pool depth H>4 meters, and a concrete foundation (or steel structure base) should be built at the bottom of the pool. The relevant connection surfaces of the lifting system base, the steel rope fixing frame and the guide base and the pool are all fixed with expansion bolts, and there is no need to reserve holes. The installation system II replaces the guide rod with a guide steel rope, which has the characteristics of convenient transportation and simple on-site installation. This system fundamentally avoids the situation that the guide rod is bent and deformed due to transportation, which affects normal use, and changes the phenomenon of abnormal lifting due to the installation error of the guide rod when the pool is too deep. It is more convenient and reliable to operate under the installation conditions with cantilever pool top (as shown in the figure).

When the customer places an order, please provide the pool depth H and the pool shape diagram so that the manufacturer can determine the size of the guide rod or guide wire during processing. The material of the installation system is made of stainless steel (or carbon steel). In addition to the guide rod or guide wire, and the lifting base in the installation system, multiple mixers can share a set of lifting devices (except for special records required by the user).

Installation Precautions

◎The guide rod or guide wire should be vertical to the horizontal, and the plumb weight can be used for correction;

◎When the hook is lifting the submersible mixer, the end of the impeller should be raised 5°-10° above the horizontal surface

◎By adjusting the chain on the lifting device, the lifting hook and the lifting center of gravity of the submersible mixer are on the same vertical line when the submersible mixer slides down the guide rod or guide wire. Installation System I Installation System II The same series of products